TV Commercial Production Companies

Getting your company’s NYC business offering on television with a commercial is easy. Doing something more than the usual “please give us your money” pitch? That’s a horse of a difference color. Finding the right producer and or director to shoot your production is far from an easy chore. Below are some points to consider in your quest to find the right group.

A Day In The Life – Instead of pushing potential customers to spend their money with you, just show them who you are. More importantly, make it something personal that anyone can relate to. Pick just one member of your workforce and have your marketing  agency representative follow them around for a day to get footage that will showcase what they do, how they work, and how they interact with their colleagues. This simple approach will add a good dose of humanity to the image you put forth, making tv commercial memorable for viewers. Just don’t forget to contract with a group that’s been around for a while and has examples and history doing what you need done in your area, be it New York city, Philadelphia or elsewhere. Here is an example of what to look for. Now on to the good stuff!

Easy To Understand Tips – Here’s an opportunity to come across like a friend rather than someone with their hand out. Use your commercial as an opportunity to offer helpful tips that are related to your business. If you are a restaurant, offer a quick recipe or cooking tips. If you are an auto shop, discuss ways someone can keep their car in great condition. And so on. This positions you as someone the customer can trust!

Showcase Your Workspace –Even if it means filming after hours or interrupting the work day for a few hours, make it a point to film your commercial on site. The best NYC television commercial production agencies can use this approach to give viewers a real sense for the personality behind your business. Even if you are a corporate office that customers never visit, a glimpse into where you work can give viewers the idea that you’re not just some distant, faceless agency, you’re a real group of real people just like them. That’s a powerful message to send!

Corporate Branding – This is an obvious one, but for some reason it’s also something few smaller and mid-sized businesses do … perhaps because they are so busy keeping their business running they forget the importance of establishing a strong brand identity! Ensure your chosen NYC based TV commercial production company injects a good deal of your  corporate branding into the finished piece to remind viewers that this video is about YOU.

Spotlight A Big Project – If you are an up and coming business, changes are you’ve got big things going on, so why not put them on screen in a way that will impress people with your drive, ambition and success? Your big project could be anything – a new software rollout, the debut of a new pharmaceutical drug you synthesized, catering a major event in the city – the only important thing is that it’s something your business accomplished that others did not. If you can think of something like that, put it on screen!

The beautiful thing about each one of these ideas is that they can be accomplished on a reasonable budget that even a smaller of mid-sized business in New York City or the surrounding area can afford. So talk to the experts, brainstorm some ideas, and make sure your commercial stands out! Check out behind the scenes information here.

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