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Behind The Scenes On A New York Television Commercial Set

The world of producing commercial for television one doesn’t have nearly the glamor and glitz of big Hollywood movies, but it is exciting nonetheless. We are often asked about our work and what it is like to film commercials, especially when it involves a New York TV commercial production.

The truth is, as exciting as it is for us in the creative world, most onlookers would find it bland. Look here for video production new york.

The set is usually a lot of very powerful lights crammed into a small space, such as a storefront or office. People are crammed into this small space, too, all trying to get into position for light, sound, getting the camera shot, being prepared to walk on, and more. Often representatives of our client are there to watch things. There may be guests on the set – family members of the actors or employees, for example – and often the place where we’re shooting is open for business while we shoot!

And naturally, no New York television commercial production goes smoothly. There are a lot of variables on the set. From audio problems to issues with the weather to lighting problems, you name it and it can and will go wrong on shoot day.

Noise is always a big issue, so on the set of any commercial you’ll hear loads of people shushing one another, trying to keep the volume down so the mics can pick up the performers.

Easy? No. But always fun.

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